UDAN scheme- Taste a slice of Incredible India

“Thank you, uncle and aunty! You have been a great help in letting us know about the UDAN scheme, and planning our all-India itinerary especially to the city where Mahatma Gandhi was born!” -Adam exclaimed. Mr and Mrs. Gupta smiled at the lovely looking couple from California and blessed both of them.

Mrs. Gupta enquired, “I hope your month-long stay in Delhi was a good experience?”

Evana replied- “Oh yes! It was great to stay with you and aunty! The Rajma rice was great! Now that you have taught me how to cook awesome rajma rice and chicken dishes I’ll be the best cook in San Jose!”.

Adam quipped in “Getting to know about the significance of Mangalsutra, teeka on the forehead, other little-known Indian traditions, family values and of course, the possibility of going to Porbandar! We always wanted to know more about the Mahatma by visiting his hometown.”- Adam said and smiled at Evana. The lovelorn couple picked up their bags and parted with the Gupta family who stood there teary-eyed as if their children were going away for long! For the last one month, Adam and Evana had stayed with the Gupta’s, celebrated festivals, performed pooja, attended marriages in the neighborhood. Neighbors would often exclaim that the retired couple had found the love they had been missing!

Mahatma Gandhi's quote on serving others rings true for Indian Bed and Breakfast owners
Mahatma Gandhi’s quote on serving others rings true for Indian Bed and Breakfast owners

As the flight took off for Porbandar, Adam confided in Evana, “I feel, 4 things made the trip to India amazing this time around”

  1. “Let me guess- 1. Simplified E-Visa process, 2: Staying with uncle and aunty, 3: Shopping in INA Dilli Haat… ummm is this right till now?”- Evana said.

Adam nodded “This is right but tell me the last reason?”.

Evana thought for a moment and then gave up. Adam said “The last reason is this flight to Porbandar, sweetheart!”

“Oh yes!”

“Could you imagine reaching Porbandar, the land where Mahatma Gandhi was born, would be so easy?”

Evana smiled hugged Adam and soon they landed in Porbandar to soak in the overwhelming feeling of being in the land of Mahatma Gandhi.

Travel quote
Travel quote

About UDAN scheme:

Just like Adam and Evana, there are loads of foreign tourists who visit India and its cities. Unless, they take a off-beaten track, they all have similar experiences while visiting the same places, same malls and same heritage sites. Due to poor air connectivity, travellers are not able to explore the hinterland of India, where the real India resides. Indian towns are where the lesser-known traditions are practiced, where people are warmer and more hospitable than the ones in cities (ok that is arguable!).

However, a recent scheme by Government of India, the UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik), seeks to provide connect the country’s under-served and unserved airports. The scheme, which is a part of National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP), will operate on 43 under-served/unserved airports. This scheme is expected to enhance the experience of foreign travelers.

Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik scheme for connecting underserved airports of India
Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN) scheme for connecting underserved airports of India

Other factors in favor of Incredible India:

Recently, Supreme Court of India awarded death sentence for the Nirbhaya rapists, which is a shot in the arm for India lovers. Now, the trip to India will be easier with the E-Visa scheme as well as more fulfilling with the UDAN scheme.


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  1. Very good blog covering very important aspects of New India i.e. e-visa ; Incredible India B &B stay; Shopping of handloom, handicrafts and Souvenirs and UDAN scheme. We are sure that foreign tourists arrival and domestic visits will increase.

  2. Wow, this is an interesting act and was supported by the Government of India. This will surely be a great help for the foreign visitors who will visit India as this would be more convenient for them to amble around. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. I was not aware of the UDAN scheme. It does sound as interesting as it’s name itself. Hope it gives more exposure to the less explored touristic spots in India

  4. The Udaan scheme does sound like a perfect scheme to promote the underexposed gems of India. It definitely will not just help the tourists but also, the regular people in India to reach the far flunged regions of the country. Thanks for bringing it out.

  5. I believe India is an incredible place. I haven’t been there but it’s seriously one of my top places. Heard a lot about it. And true, I could agree, sometimes, people in the countryside are more friendly than the ones in the city! haha ( fyi, I live in the city haha! X )

  6. I loved the day when this scheme was announced and it is an incredible scheme too.The scheme will surely be a win win situation both for common man (Aam Nagrik) as well as our nation. This will be a good chance to explore the unexplored places and know the culture and traditions of people there,

  7. The scheme sounds interesting and I am now wondering if it can be done in my own country as visiting remote areas here can also be a challenge. But it looks like more tourists would find it easier to travel there now that there is something that could make their lives easier.

  8. India is so complex and has so many facets as one travels across it, most tourists take away only a slice of what they see. To truly understand the country and have an immersive experience, staying with locals is really important. The Udan scheme sounds so apt for this to give a real feel of the country to tourists.

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