9 things you didn’t know you could do in Scotland

Scotland – Home of Royalty
Scotland – Home of Royalty

By Natasha,

Scotland is an absolute gem, so many people can only dream of exploring Scotland and its natural wonders. There is a reason so many people want to go to Scotland, but there are so many hidden gems you don’t yet know about that will make you want to go even more.

Visit the home of Royalty

Scotland’s oldest inhabited house is called Traquair House. It lies south of Edinburgh near the border to England. People travel far and wide to visit this royal home, and they never regret their visit. It was once the home of Mary Queen of Scots but was more commonly used as a hunting home for the Royal family.

Besides being stunning and an absolutely perfect place to take amazing pictures Traquair House also offers a delicious set of food in their tea room, you can enjoy music and fayres regularly throughout the year here, explore their massive gardens which include a farm, maze, many play parks and other cool little adventures.

Bike down famous trails

Believe it or not, Scotland is home to some of the most famous and exciting mountain biking trails. Both Innerleithen Red Bull hill and Glentress mountain biking trails lie to the South of Edinburgh within driving distance.

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Mountain Biking- Scotland

People travel hundreds of miles just to experience these famous mountain biking tracks, and it is no surprise why.

Do one of the toughest 10k runs

South of Scotland lies a small town, that once a year becomes packed with people who want to take on the famous Ratrace event “The Mighty Deerstalker.” The Mighty Deerstalker is a challenging and tough 5k or 10k race through tough terrain including up steep hills, through streams and more… and better yet – it is all done in the dark!

Join in with the muddy after party once you manage to find your way home. If you fancy sitting this one out you can always watch the race from afar. Be amazed at the glow of the head torches as people make their way up and down the hills in the dark.

Attempt a giant burger challenge

The Tweedside Hotel in Innerleithen offers an almighty challenge that still no one has beaten. Try to finish their giant burger, and it really is giant, and you can have your meal completely free.
To this day no one has managed to finish it in the 30-minute time frame, though many still claim to be up to the challenge, no one has actually finished it yet.

Take a cruise

That is right! You can take a cruise in Scotland. Fair enough, it is only a couple of hours but you can take a cruise over the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. If you have ever been interested in seeing the Forth Road Bridges then this is the tour for you.

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Cruise- Scotland

Dive with sharks in Scotland

Okay now, this is not exactly what you think, it is not in the open water like most people who offer this activity, but yes you can dive with sharks in Scotland. This particular excursion is offered at Deep Sea World in Queensferry. Take to the tanks for a day and dive with the sharks!

Visit Army Barracks

You can visit an Army Barracks in Scotland which is still used by soldiers today. Fort George in Inverness offers visitors the chance to see what a real British Army Barracks looks like today. Learn all about Fort George’s history and why it is position and designed the way it is.

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Army Barracks- Scotland

Go to the beach

Believe it or not, Scotland has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Granted, they are way too cold to sunbathe on but they are spectacular none-the-less.

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Beautiful Beach- Scotland

Swim in crystal clear water

In the North of Scotland, there are some really pretty water pools which are gaining a bit of attention from travellers. Visit the Fairy Pools in Skye and be nothing short of amazed by the crystal clear waters they boast. If you are feeling brave then you can strip off and jump in for a refreshing swim.

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Water Pools- Scotland

As you can see, Scotland has way more to offer than castles and Nessie the Loch monster! I hope on your next trip to Scotland you are inspired to visit some of Scotland’s more ‘hidden’ gems.

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