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I plan to keep this post really short. SATTE 2018 is here in Pragati Maidan and as you know it is the biggest travel tradeshow in Asia. You can meet the Who’s Who of the travel and tourism industry! It is a rare opportunity to find the best travel packages and for a moment a website like Trivago (which compares hotel room rates) seems redundant. Not that I use it too often! I book a Bed and Breakfast as I go by my motto: “When in doubt, book a BnB!”

Quote unquote SATTE BnBNation
Quote unquote SATTE BnBNation

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Time for a report card on the tourism sector in India!

As of 2016, the future of tourism in India looks bright and prosperous because of the various favourable aspects in the country. With wonderful tourist spots, diverse topography, varied cultures and heritage sites in the country, India is one of the most lucrative options for tourists. The tourism industry of the country has undergone various changes over the time. Some of the latest trends prevailing in the tourism industry are as follows:

Tourism in India- A report card by BnBNation
Tourism in India- A report card by BnBNation

Visa on Arrival Boosting Tourism

Visa on arrival has been a big sigh of relief for the tourists visting India. According to India Tourism stats presented by Ministry of tourism, United Kingdom contributes 22% to VOA scheme followed by US and France. This policy is expected to be extended to more nationalities in the coming years.

Exploring New Destinations

Domestic as well as international tourists both are expressing continued interest in exploring new and lesser-known destinations in the country. With improved connectivity and penetration of internet, more and more such destinations are coming to light and catching the eye of the travellers. Did i ask you to book your stay in a houseboat in Kerala?

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Bed and Breakfast accommodations

Bed and Breakfast is the best option for a low to medium budget traveler. However, the biggest USP of Bed and Breakfast accommodations is not the price point, instead it is the value and the cultural exchange that a traveler experiences in a BnB. It is like you are in a home away from home, you are looked after by people of your parents age without barging into your privacy.

BnBs are the best way to interact with the local family first hand. BnBNation
BnBs are the best way to interact with the local family first hand. Book a BnB with BnBNation

While I was looking around and interacting with various companies that had set up their stalls during SATTE 2018, I met a few Destination Management Companies operating in the CIS and Europe region. When I explained the concept of Bed and Breakfast accommodations in India to these marketing representatives, they seemed unaware of the concept. But once they knew about the concept, they seemed to like the idea of experiencing Indian culture first hand.

Would you not like to wake up in such a bedroom by BnBNation?
Would you not like to wake up in such a bedroom?

Travel Tradeshows like SATTE Promoting Tourism


SATTE - New Delhi_14_Dec_2017_19_00
SATTE – New Delhi_14_Dec_2017_19_00

Travel tradeshows like SATTE are working as a factor to promote tourism in India, by offering a platform for the various stakeholders in the country to showcase their services and products. It offers a combined place to them to have discussions overs various policies, trends and how to improve its growth. If you are from the tourism industry, visiting the SATTE travel tradeshow can be quite beneficial.

There are loads of reasons for all Indian Travel and Tourism stakeholders to rejoice!

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  1. I do believe that Bed and Breakfast is the best option NOT only for a low or medium budget travelers but also for the ones with a high amount of pocket money because it is great way to get in touch with the locals and their traditions. This is what I try in each of the country where I travel.

  2. It’s good that trade show like these have started gaining popularity in India. Earlier, we didn’t even hear about them. There is one happening in almost all the major cities. Satte by all means seems to be most popular of all. As you said, it is a really good opportunity to make some bonds and also to meet the veterans of the industry. For me, the most attractive part is exploring a plethora of travel options spread in front of you in these kind of travel shows

  3. though i have never stayed in a true BnB option , i hope to one day experience this too . having aid that yes the tourism sector in India is growing by leaps n bounds especially with the domestic segment willing to explore new places

  4. People like you should be called heroes of tourism. I love that you are passionate in promoting India as a premiere travel destinations and for giving suggestions and recommendations for both the tourism industry and its stakeholders.

    1. Hey thanks for your generous comment! I think nobody wants their country to be called unsafe and i just wish to play my part in promoting it as a premiere tourist destination! However, I feel so good due to your comment! Thanks!

  5. I had never had a chance to stay in a true BnB option, and hopefully I can try it one day and experience this too. Yes, I truly agree that every year, visitors in India are really increasing and having BNB is a sure help. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope to visit India soon.

  6. Nice to see your efforts for promoting India at SATTE. We wanted to attend SATTE but missed it owing to some other commitments. The B & B concept is indeed a nice immersive experience to travelers wherein they get a flavour of the country.

  7. Hope you had a great time at the conference and found some actionable ideas.
    I’m an Airbnb fan too. It’s a great way find a unique experience and home away from home. It can be hit and miss so best to keep an open mind. Recently I stayed in a place where the owner was around. That was awkward! I absolutely love the Airbnb experiences.
    Thanks for sharing the information.

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