Revised E-Visa: The best time to visit India for Medical, Business and Leisure!

Hey folks, I am glad to bring to you recent important updates on Indian tourism sector at macro-level so that you can plan your travel better! This time I’ll be shedding light on Revised E-Visa scheme in India!

Tourism scenario in India

We all know that in India, tourism is an engine of growth and a prominent source of Foreign Exchange. E-Visa or Visa-on-Arrival scheme was launched in 2014. It grew in popularity in a short span of time, it became an instant hit and led to 1200% increase in FTA. However, the Demonetization drive badly hit the tourism sector as was explained by us in an earlier post:

The government of India has recently decided to overhaul E-Visa scheme with an aim at bringing in more tourists for medical, business and leisure purpose!

Following are the details:

Comparison of E Visa scheme in India
Other special provisions with respect to E-Visa:
  • The government of India will grant Business and Medical E-Visa within 48 hours of application for urgent requests.
  • Separate immigration counters and facilitation centers for Medical Visa made available at 6 airports, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc.
  • Earlier, E-Visa facility was available at 16 airports and 3 ports (Cochin, Goa, and Mangalore). However, now, one can avail E-visa facility at 24 airports and 3 ports.
Immigration at Delhi Airport's T3 terminal
Immigration at Delhi Airport’s T3 terminal

Now, you must be wondering why does a Bed and Breakfast aggregator care about the e-Visa policy changes. Well, it is for the simple reason that most of the categories of E-Visa that have been altered or created are best served by Indian families hosting the foreign travelers in Indian homes! We know of well-hosted and well-hosted Bed and Breakfast rooms for medical patients near prominent hospitals of Delhi like the Apollo, Max etc. Once a traveler stays in these homes and experiences the hospitality and warmth of the hosts, they never like booking a hotel!

Why are BnB’s the ideal choice?

If you are visiting India to pursue a course or to get medical treatment, Bed and Breakfast rooms are an ideal choice for you. These homes let interns interact with the host over Breakfast. Furthermore, the group completes assignments on time! Sometimes, the host lets the attendees of the medical patient their host country dishes keep the patient comfortable. Sometimes, we have seen that the host cooks dishes and teaches the guests how to cook an Indian dish. Many travelers have learnt to cook Chicken Tikka Masala! Would you like to stay with an Indian family and observe them going out of the way to keep you comfortable? We assure you that Indians make brilliant hosts, may be the best hosts in the world. For them, a guest is a form of God in consonance with the adage “Atithi Devo Bhavah”!

Perks of staying in an Indian home; bnbnation
Perks of staying in an Indian home

In our opinion, the revised E-Visa scheme shall give an impetus to the tourism sector in India. It shall encourage the travelers to take the plunge and visit India! What is your take? Do you think, Foreign tourists ke ‘achhe din aa gaye’?

(Technical inputs by Dr. GG Saxena, Mentor, BnBNation)


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21 thoughts on “Revised E-Visa: The best time to visit India for Medical, Business and Leisure!”

  1. To be honest I don’t even know how us, Filipinos, apply for a visa for visiting India. I did get my visa online when I went to Taiwan though by using my Japan visa. I’m not sure if the two are somewhat similar, but I remember it being to be very convenient. I think it is great though because of its convenience. Now that things that are made easier, it will encourage more tourists to visit India.

    1. Hi Marjorie,
      We are glad you liked our blog post! While it is important for the government to ease the process of getting to India, it remains to be seen if adequate awareness is generated about the process in India and those planning to come to India for various reasons. We are glad that this blog post has created awareness about Visa regulations which was the objective of the blog post in the first place!

      Let’s hope you plan your trip to India soon and we can assist you!\

      BnBNation Team

  2. Hello! Will this also work for Filipino applicants? I really hope so!! This is great news for my fellow citizen. I know a lot of friends who wanna go to India!

    1. Hi Erica,

      Thanks for reading the post! It seems it got you all excited about a trip to India! We are happy to confirm that E-Visa changes are applicable to Filipino applicants too! You can always mail us on if you or your friends need any help in planning a trip to India. We’ll be too happy to smoothen the process for them.

      BnBNation Team

  3. It’s pretty cool that the interns get to interact with the hosts too. You can learn so much about a city or counrty’s culture by talking to the hosts. It’s nice that the hosts even cook authentic Indian meals for the interns. Yum! I love Indian food! I never knew that Indians can be so hospitable.

    1. Hi Nadine,

      Thanks for the reading and enjoying the blog post. We are glad you have tasted Indian food. We hope you have tasted it in India because it smells and tastes better in India than in other places of the world!
      You need to plan a trip to India in order to let we Indians show our warm side to you! We assure you that once you stay with an Indian family recommended by BnBNation, you won’t care to book a hotel! Registered Indian homestays are the best ways to experience Indian warmth and hospitality!

      BnBNation Team

  4. I think it will be easier for many people make it! I know some people who live far from embassy or don’t have time to make it before the journey. About me, I go many times to India and usually I apply here in Portugal, it is easy for me and in 3 days I get a 6 months multientry visa.

    1. Hi finaciofotografia,

      Thank you so much for reading our blog post! We are glad you have been frequent visits to India and are satisfied with the process. The Indian Government is making attempts to make tourists visit India by providing them convenience. E-Visa services to 161 countries is just one of them. By the way, have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfast room when you are in India?

      BnBNation Team

    1. Hi Indrani,

      Thanks for reading the blog post! We are glad that you found it useful and shall save it for future reference. Since our mentor is a retired IAS so we like getting to know the macro-level policies! Let us know if we can of some help in the future as well.

      BnBNation team

  5. I am glad you wrote this wonderful piece. The initiative of revised e visa is going to help so many tourists who are and will be willing to travel to India for business, medical and leisure. And yes talking to the host gives such a personal touch.

    1. Hi Dr. Suruchi,

      We are glad you reciprocate the positive vibes about the revised E-Visa scheme! As proud Indians, we want more and more tourists and travelers to visit India and taste the hospitality of Incredible India! Isn’t it?

      BnBNation Team

  6. This is very beneficial to tourist and to the tourism in India. I agree that this will have a huge impact to the tourism sector and hopefully, the businesses in India are ready for this.

  7. Sure this post is helpful for those who are planning to visit India soon. I have not been to India but I’ve met some Indian couch surfers and they told me that Indian hosts cook and make you feel at home well. I should try. I love Indian curry!

    1. Hi Cathy,

      You’d love being hosted by Indian families. Though we haven’t tried couch surfers in India but the BnB that we have tied up with, are fully verified and safe to stay. We are sure, they’ll make your stay in India enjoyable!

      BnBNation Team

    1. Hi
      You are most welcome to visit India anytime you want! We, Indians are bound by family values and I love your Gravatar pic! You must come to India and see the Taj Mahal and other places of interest that I think you’d like and the li’l one will be thrilled to watch!


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