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The commotion in the train woke me up! ‘Train is on time. We’ll take another 5 minutes to reach Jammu- Tawi railway station’ the porter told the fellow passenger. Soon, we all deboarded at the railway station and I was received by a student pursuing MBA (Tourism) in Jammu university. I was taken to a well- maintained Jammu university guest house. I was excited as i was about to present my research paper!

The grand welcome

“Sir, welcome to Jammu for the 2-day 4th International Conference on Sustainable Destination Excellence. Today, the inauguration is at 9: 15 AM and your research paper presentation will be at 12 PM”-Manik, the Jammu university faculty and delegate coordinator, informed me. The 4th International Conference on Sustainable Destination Excellence with the them on Empowering Communities for Inclusive Tourism Development was organized by School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Jammu under the able leadership of Dr Parikshit Singh Manhas, Director (SHTM) and supported by Dr Deepak Raj, Dr Bharat, Dr Anil Gupta (conference secretary), Dr Suvidha Khanna (conference coordinator) and last but not the least, a motivated team of students.

Inaugural function underway in Jammu University on 3rd March 2017
Dr Anil Gupta addressing the attendees during the Inaugural function in Jammu University on 3rd March 2017

Start of the conference

At 9:15 AM sharp, there was a galaxy of delegates present on and off the dias. The Chief guest for the inauguration ceremony was Smt Priya Sethi, the Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism in Government of Jammu and Kashmir. Jenab Farooq Shah, Secretary (Tourism), Jammu and Kashmir, was the Guest of Honor. Mr. Wayne Liu, Deputy Director General, Tourism Bureau, Taiwan delivered the keynote address. Highly venerated, Prof R D Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, University of Jammu delivered the Presidential address. The packed auditorium egged on the speakers!

The convener of the conference, Dr. Parikshit Singh Manhas, seemed content with the arrangements. The previous 3 editions had been runaway hits. He seemed on a mission to portray Jammu in a positive light and bring it on the global tourism map. The motivated team of students was a great support. They executed their clearly chalked out tasks with perfection. This time the conference had got even bigger. There was participation from 8 countries around the globe including Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Hungary, Israel etc.

In all, the conference saw more than 130 research papers. Moreover, all the presentations were divided into 10 parallel tracks with each track having a specific theme and each track had 3 judges each.

Presenting the research paper on 'Strategic Impact of Social Media on Tourism'
Presenting the research paper on ‘Strategic Impact of Social Media on Tourism’

Time to present my research paper!

At 12 PM, we arrived in the presentation room. Apart from me, 10 others gathered to make their presentations. Soon, it was my turn to speak on my research topic, ‘Strategic impact of Social Media on Tourism’. Dr. Sajeevan Rao and Dr. GG Saxena co-authored the research paper. Dr Sajeevan Rao applied his research expertise using SPSS tool, and Dr G G Saxena, as a tourism practitioner provided valuable insights. I added my robust social media background and presentation skills. Following are the hypothesis of our research:

  • What are the functionalities of Social Media that travelers’ consider more critical?
  • What are the travelers’ apparent advantages of utilizing online networking when taking excursions?
  • How do visitors see Social Media locales when arranging/taking excursions?
1st slide of the presentation
1st slide of the presentation

So, I started the presentation by laying emphasis on Social Media, activities of users on social media and the type of social media users. I laid emphasis on the reasons for the widespread popularity of social media among individuals and brands. I also spoke on how we had been getting foreign tourist queries through social media and how we have been arranging their stay in beautifully-made and well-maintained Bed and Breakfast accommodations and enhanced their stay-cation in India.

Social media assets of BnBNation
Web: | Twitter: @bnb_nation | Facebook: Bnbnation.hospitality                          Instagram: bnb_nation | Youtube: | LinkedIn:

The warm response

The audience was thrilled to know how BnBNation had increased its Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram ( community in a short span of time! Finally, I enlightened the audience how social media affects users in planning trips/excursions. The audience that consisted most of the Jammu university students and faculty members admired the presentation and the research. Moreover, they also took notice of the social media stats. Some of the students are budding entrepreneurs and are testing the water of tourism sector from every angle. Thus, I hope my presentation solved some of their queries. Their curious faces told me that they were getting to know something new in the presentation. During the interactions at the end of the presentation, they gave suggestions and asked questions.

Later, Dr G G Saxena, Dr Parikshit Manhas and Dr Bharat, who were chairing other technical sessions joined us for the rest of the presentation. They asked pertinent questions from the researchers and made the session intellectually more stimulating.

Since I was free after my presentation, so, I spent the next few hours listening to other presentations. They hovered around community tourism, sustainable tourism, and accessible Tourism.

Valedictory function of The 4th International Conference on Sustainable Destination Excellence
Valedictory function of The 4th International Conference on Sustainable Destination Excellence
Final Day of the conference

On the final day of the conference, Dr Amir Shani, Department of Hotel and Tourism management, Israel gave the valedictory address. Furthermore, he stressed on community participation in the development of tourism.

In the end, Mr Martin Zsarnoczky from Hungary congratulated Jammu University for the efforts during the conference. He presented his views on how Hungary offers a viable opportunity to set up a business. The dignitaries on and off the stage including J&K Minister for Social Welfare and Chief guest of the session, Jenab Sajad Gani Lone were impressed by both the International speakers.

Sustainable tourism, destination tourism, Martin, Hungary
Mr Martin from Hungary presenting his thoughts.


After the function, all the delegates intermingled and shared their experiences over a sumptuous lunch. Finally, contended with my first research paper (and hopefully, many more to come!), I boarded the train back home.

About the Author:

Ambuj Saxena is a 2013 Brand Management graduate from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA). He executed various online and offline marketing campaigns for companies operating in Automobile, Travel and Tourism sectors and Government departments. As a co-founder of BnBNation, he believes that Tourism and Hospitality as much online as it is offline.

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  1. It was a knowledgeable paper congrats4successful presentation!Keep it upMay Almighty grant u patience2 earn knowledge on relevant subjects& thereby helping tourist local+foreign 2enjoy it & make your/excursion meaningful.

  2. Apart from contents of this Research Article, presentation of Ambuj Saxena was par excellence. He made audience spellbound during his talk who appreciated giveaways incorporated by Ambuj in analysing real impact of social media not only on Tourism but also in other sectors. It was an eye opener for all discerning students that youth spend most of time of internet to engage with social media and as to how it can be used as an instrument to channelise it’s energy to focus on promotion of Tourism via a visit Home stays in India. Dr. Tahir Sufi , Principal of a reputed Hospitality Management Chandigarh, while praising ppt , made valuable suggestions.
    As regards 4th International Conference on Sustainable destination Excellence in Jammu State University, I was amazed as to how prof Parikshit Singh Manhas Director SHTM and his team with blessings of Dr Deepak Raj, prof Sharma dean and prof Sharma V.C., applies his accumen to ensure truly international experts like Dr Wayne Liu, Dr Dhabi Dr. Martin Zsarnoczky, Dr Woodward and galaxy of such topnotch specialists to participate in it. Workshop cum Capacity Building for CEOs of J&K Govt on 4th was a milestone and a gift by SHTM Jammu University to J&K Govt Officers engaged in Tourism sector.
    My heartiest congratulations to (Blogger) Ambuj Saxena and greetings to SHTM for continuously creating footprints of Jammu on world tourism community.

  3. Congratulations on such a great achievement Ambuj! Your post is informative and detailed in the impact social media has on the different industries, especially travel and tourism. From the comments posted, I can tell that your presentation was awesome. Keep up the great work!

  4. I really want to learn more about Jammu. I commend you and your fellow researchers for putting it on the map — literally! You’ve got me curious now about the region, and of course about the conference on sustainable destination excellence! Also bravo for presenting!! It’s always a great feeling to present your work.

    1. I am glad I could do that through my post! Jammu is really beautiful and houses many prominent temples of India! If you plan to come to India, i can help you chalk out an itinerary in north India.

  5. Congratulations on such a great achievement. Your post is informative and detailed in the impact social media has on the different industries, especially travel and tourism. Good luck for coming experience. I am from Jammu so next time when you visit to Jammu tell me if you need anyhelp nowadays I am in Delhi but someone from my friend will definitely help you.

  6. Congratulations on your presentation, looks like it was a huge success. I found this very interesting to read especially as I am planning to set up a project in India. Great write up of the event.

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