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I am excited to announce that I have been nominated and selected for this year’s 2017 Liebster Award. If you are not familiar with the Liebster Award, it is simply an award that recognizes new bloggers. It is an excellent opportunity for bloggers to be found and discovered.  It also allows you to support and connect with the blogging community. I am honored to accept this award.
I have been blogging on and off since 2013 and been getting positive reviews about my writing skills. However, I never had an award in my kitty to show off! Now I have Liebster award. I was nominated by the wonderful, Karie LP. Thank you so much for this lovely gesture. Check out her venture, The Epic curious Explorers on Facebook and Instagram. I think you will love it! Before i forget in my excitement,  The Epic Curious Explorers, a team of 2 twin sisters from Mumbai, who share a love for food and travel.

Just in case you didn’t know,  Liebster is a German word that means valued, lovely, kind, dearest, beloved, pleasant, endearing, welcome, nicest, cute and sweetest.  The purpose of the Liebster Award is to give your blog greater exposure to the internet.The Liebster award is an award that only exists online and only for bloggers. It was created for bloggers to promote other bloggers. Isn’t this an awesome way to help encourage and motivate bloggers to keep blogging.Receiving this award has only inspired me to keep on blogging and pursuing my dreams. It is an honor because one simply only nominates blogs that they feel should be recognized. It is also a reminder that I have a great support group with all of my other fellow bloggers. We are all here for each other and we lean on each other. We give each other that extra boost when it is needed.

Liebster award
Liebster award
Karie has requested that I answer a few questions. Here are the questions and my reply:


  • How do you like traveling solo/ friends/ family?

I prefer traveling with family. It is so much picking up fun filled fights with mom and ganging up with my niece. There are always a few anxious moments when your parents overreact and you just sit back and let them let out the steam! Isn’t it? However, since they are usually busy and brush aside my travel plans so I travel solo. 

  • Are you more of a mountain or beach person?

Hmmm that’s a tough one! I would be ready for an adventure at any moment but if I am at a gun point, I would go with the beaches. Maybe because I live close to the mountains in Delhi than the beaches. I can always head to a mountain within a few hours of car ride but heading to the far away beaches requires a bit of planning! So I crave for beaches a bit more!

Scuba diving in Andaman islands Liebster award 2017
Scuba diving in Andaman islands, 2009
  • Do you love sunrises or sunsets?

I love sunrises hands down! Sunsets make me a bit depressed. However watching a sunrise means a picturesque sight but also means I have planned my day well!

  • What’s your favorite travel quote?
Being normal is so boring in Jaipur
Being normal is so boring

I love all travel quotes however the one that is closest to my heart is this: People don’t take trips, trips take people by John Steinbeck!  It inspires you to take the first step!

  • How many countries have you visited?

Yet only 3! USA, China and Dubai! But many more are on my bucket list!

 How to stay local in Delhi


  • Out of all the countries, you have visited, which one did you like the most?
Soaking in the spirit of USA
Soaking in the spirit of USA

The USA was my favorite ‘cos it was a family trip! It was like living a life in a month’s time! My brother, Anshul (CEO of BnBNation) and sister in law were in Mississippi state so we saw Elvis Presley’s home in Tupelo, visited Elvis Presley’s museum in Nashville, visited the Coca Cola factory in Atlanta, used to head to Nashville for long drives, and had loads of fun and frolic. The other 2 trips were for International case studies and with friends. They were fun too but nothing beats family fun!

PS I really wanted to visit Las Vegas and do bad things (read pleasurable) but i was on a family trip and i was only 20 (ahh never mind the age, it’s just a number).

  • What’s the best food / street food you have eaten and from which country?

I am not too much of a foodie and tend to forget the dishes i ordered an hour back. So I wont comment on that! Sorry Karie!

  • What is the best memory that you have while traveling?

Singing and dancing with your loved ones. So, I am a really bad singer so much so that people run for cover when i sing. However, when there are other bad singers to accompany you then who cares! Sing out loud!

  • What have you learned from your experience with travel?
  1. Be alert- There are scams waiting to happen always. Stay alert and keep your belongings in sight!
  2. Step out of your comfort zone- The biggest lesson has been this one. It helps me stay grounded.
  3. Say yes to new adventures!

Diwali the perfect time to be in India with a BnB host

  •  Is blogging a hobby or something you do for a living?

Currently, blogging is a hobby but I’m passionate about blogging and sharing my thoughts. So I can take it up for a living someday!

  • Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers / bloggers?

I am a novice blogger myself so can’t offer too many tips but yes one thing is for sure. When i start writing, I write as much as I can and filter out the junk later. It helps me ease out the process!

Now, I have to nominate several other new bloggers with followers less than 200. The nominations for the next Liebster Award are:Congratulations to you all!! I nominated you because I love your blogs and your content. You all are doing an amazing job! Keep up the great work!

  1. Miranda Chang at Young Traveller, was born in 2001, Miranda has traveled around 30 countries and has captured memorable moments with the help of 70,000 photos! Do check her out!
  2. Jessica French at Travels of a Baby-Vet blogs about travel, ethical animal experiences and veterinary all rolled into one. Different and intriguing!
  3. Debbie Woodward at Saucepankids tackles childhood obesity by helping parents to teach their children about food literacy. Isn’t that the need of hour!
  4. Yeshira Sewdayal of Browngirl Journal – Currently pursuing Bachelor of Commerce degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Yeshira loves sharing experiences related to food and travel! Her blogs shall light up your day!
  5. Rahat Arora of Travel Trivago – Rahat feels that when foreigners come to India, they only visit those places which they heard but never visit small and lesser known destinations which have natural beauty. Through Travel Trivago, he talks about lesser known places to acquaint foreign tourists. I totally agree with Rahat and I think he’s been blogging frequently and contributing his bit in a big way!
  6. Radhika Mundra of Expressing Life shares curious collection of thoughts about things that matter in life. I started following her after reading her blog Role reversal: Help your parents unpause their dreams. A noble thought that i could totally relate to.

The above mentioned bloggers are an inspiration! I frequently check out their blogs when I am down and out. Their writing peps me up and makes me want to share my experiences with the world again!

Here are some of my questions for you to answer:
  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Do you blog part time or as full-time profession?
  3. Do you earn through your blog? If yes, how do you earn through your blog? (Not mandatory to answer)
  4. What is the niche/focus area of your blog?
  5. Do you have any blogging idols? If yes, who are they and why?
  6. Narrate an unusual incident you experienced while traveling. It could be funny or heart wrenching, but something unusual.
  7. What has traveling taught you about yourself?
  8. With whom do you travel: Travel alone, travel with friends, travel with loved ones?
  9. If you have a travel partner, has traveling with the partner(s) taught you something about the partner that you didn’t know earlier? If yes, what is that lesson?
  10. When you travel to a country, do you experience the destination by observing its local culture, traditions and way of life?
  11. If given a chance, would you like to live with the local family and eat and behave like a local to understand the local way of life better?
Liebster Award comes with a few easy “RULES.”

Write a Liebster Award Blog Post in which:

>    Thank the blogger who nominated you for the Liebster Award.
>    Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
>    Upload the award to your blog. It can be done as a blog or on the sidebar.
>    Answer the questions you have been asked.
>    Nominate 5 blogs with followers less than 200 that you believe deserve to receive the award. If you feel others deserve the award, then you are welcome to nominate more.
>   Notify the nominated bloggers so that they can accept the award. You many nominate bloggers more than once, giving their readers more chances to learn more about them.

Please follow the rules. I wish you the best in your blogging career. Also, don’t forget to drop me a link to your blog so I can read your answers.

35 thoughts on “Liebster award for BnBNation”

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I love the fact that you enjoy my writing. I would love to do a guest post your website. As far as a travel companion is concerned, I am single so I’d love to travel with my family! Haha!

  1. This is amazing and congratulations on your nomination. We all start in something and from it, like a mustard seed, soon it will flourish and thrive so keep writing and inspiring other people. 🙂

    1. Hi Blaine, your words are truly inspirational and yes we grow and mature just like a mustard seed. However, just like you I believe in disseminating my knowledge so that others can grow too!
      Thanks for your kind words again!

  2. The 3 countries you mentioned – I have never visited yet. I’d love to see India for sure. USA – not on my list to be honest

  3. Congratulations :d It’s always great when you receive one of these awards, getting recognition from your fellow peers means that you’re on the right track. I myself have also just been nominated for my first award after only a few months of blogging. Feel great doesn’t it 😀

  4. It’s quite amusing that Liebster award is still around. I’ve had it when I was still starting to blog in 2010. Anyhoo, it’s nice to know some things about you through this. To be honest I don’t like traveling with family so we differ in that area. But we’re the same with sunrise, not because sunset makes me depressed, it’s just that I am most likely to catch a sunset than a sunrise because I’m a night person. Thus, sunrise is a bit more special.

  5. I read a lot of Liebster award but yours its far the most complete and well write post! We have a lot of similar answers… I am also a bech person 😀 live by the beach, and even travel I can’t be far from long. Also I love most sunrise even sunset is also amazing!! Will keep rading your blog 🙂

  6. I enjoy traveling with my parents bec I can save a lot of money. Lol but sometimea it’s annoying bec you can’t go to places where you want bec the old folks doesnt like there.

  7. I’m very happy for you, you desereve it. keep you the great work and hopefully I’ll get mine next time. It’s always a great pleasure to be recognize by other co bloggers 🙂

  8. Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your stuff and seeing all those “not normal” travel pics 🙂 I want to share something with you. I also like the saying “People don’t take trips, trips take people” – but to me it also means that you have a desire to visit certain countries and you don’t even know why!

  9. Congratulations on your award winning. I see you have only traveled to three countries so I wish you long travels ahead to as many countries as possible. The world is an open adventure! 🙂

  10. Congratulations!!! You totally deserve this award. It’s great that your hard work has been recognised. I love sunrises, but sometimes when I’m travelling it’s difficult to get out of bed to catch them hehe. Well done again!

  11. Congratulations bnbnation for the award. Your every post is interesting to read. In every post you have shared an valuable information with us.

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