Happy Independence day: India turns 70

India is the world’s largest democracy. A system of government wherein the people are supreme stakeholders started way back on 15th August 1947 is being upheld by the citizens of today. India has been through its share of ups and downs but has come back to clear all obstacles:

Socio economic indicators comparison 1947 and 2017 by BnBNation
Socio economic indicators comparison 1947 and 2017

We can also compare the parameters related to Inbound tourism in India during the same period:

Tourism parameters comparison 1947 to 2017
Tourism parameters comparison 1947 to 2015

This shows that India has been improving on various parameters by leaps and bounds. However, it still contributes only 0.68% to Global International tourist arrival. India’s rank in International Tourist arrival is a paltry 40th and share of India’s International Tourism receipts is 1.7%.

For a country that boasts of 70 years of democracy, 9000 years of cultural history, birth of 4 major religions, is the land of great thinkers and philosophers has a paltry performance on Global FTA’s. With the current scenario of security concerns, it is getting more difficult for women travelers to come to India and especially the capital city.

Guests have great reviews for Tej Abode BnB
BnB’s are a huge hit with the foreign travelers

Many a times, travelers are unaware about suitable Bed and Breakfast accommodations, have to put up in shady areas of Delhi and other metropolitan cities. Though such places are a convenient option for them to head to Agra and Jaipur but give a bad impression about the city. One of such places is paharganj in delhi and Paharganj is unsafe as well as there are loads of unregistered hotels and guesthouses. Theft and molestation cases are rampant. In such a scenario, had the tourist been aware of Bed and Breakfast accommodation, they would have been 100 times safe and would have got money of their worth!

Where to stay in India: 3 reasons why BnB is a better option than a hotel

Current status of Tourism in India

India has been encouraging tourists by various means. Be it E-Visa scheme or GST (that smoothens the tax structure) or Demonetisation (which shows India in a positive light) or Tourist police or other relevant schemes. However, there is a role we citizens have to undertake in order to increase tourist arrival in India.

Current status of Tourism in India

Let’s take a pledge

On this day, let’s take a pledge to make foreign travelers feel free and happy in India:

  1. Not to harass foreign travelers
  2. Not to overcharge foreign travelers for each purchase
  3. Help local handicrafts makers earn money rather emporium owners
  4. Keep our cities clean by not littering around
  5. Stay in a homestay rather than a hotel



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  1. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know that India turned 70 today! I guess I always focus on their vast cultural history instead. I have heard conversations about tourism and safety, so you have brought up some interesting points. In particular, it is difficult sometimes to know how safe some of the areas are, or the legality of the bnbs. It’s important issue, for sure!

    1. Hi Patricia,
      It is ok to not be aware how old Indian democracy has become. I dont know every other country’s independence day myself but this is an apt opportunity for all tourism stakeholders in India to make your stay in our country as smooth as possible. This blog post is a reminder of how importance tourism is for the economy and how to make an effort to make India a better tourism destination.

  2. Wow, Happy Independence Day India. Looking back, you guys have grown so much, especially in the Tourism Industry. I also love that there a lot of Indian bloggers who really promote Indian culture. Thank you so much for sharing another year of Independence and Freedom of your country. I hope to visit India soon.

  3. Happy Independence day to India. India has always fascinated me. I have some friends from there and it is nice to learn from them of what to do and not to do when you go there. All the colors and culture looks amazing. I hope I get to go there soon 🙂

  4. Wow, those stats are amazing. Life expectancy has doubled and literacy rate has risen a lot, and the tourism receipts of 21 billion is awesome! I have yet to visit India, but it’s definitely on my list. Happy Independence Day India!

  5. Happy Independence Day! Prior to reading your blog, I had no knowledge of BnBs in India. I hope that tourism continues to grow in India. Thank you for providing such an informative post.

  6. 70 years for a country is really young and I hope India marches on with determination and purpose to take its rightful place as a leader of the world. There are miles to go before we can sit and bask in our laurels. Tourism is one area where we need to focus a lot in the coming years.

    1. Hi Sandy and vyjay,
      Yes there are miles to go before we bask in our laurels. The post is meant to show what we are capable of and how we should treat our guests. I am sure with blogs like yours and mine and with the noble intention, we can make India a safe and enjoyable travel destination!

  7. I enjoyed reading your post as India to me is one of the most fascinating countries. It would be incredible to be able to travel to India back in time, before the tourist-boom. We have a lot of Indian colleague in the office and I keep on asking them about their country with a hope to go one day!

    1. Hi Anna,
      Would love to have you in India. As far as knowing about India is concerned, keep coming back to our blogs to know more about India. Our blogs focus on the hospitality of India so i think you’ll know a lot about India by the time you make your travel plans. 🙂

  8. I totally agree with you, I meet a fellow traveler, he was from. New Zealand, he told me Delhi is totally rubbish, there is nothing to see and it’s too crowded as well, I asked him which area did you stayed, to which he replied Chandni chowk. I guess choosing a right location in the budget is very necessary, it’s wonderful these BNB give them right perspective of a city

    1. It’s sad to see that the traveler didn’t get the experience he was seeking in Delhi. Next time around when you meet such a traveler, you should take him around yourself or connect him with me.

  9. Such great facts about India. Being of Indian descent, it gives me great joy reading about India and Indians in general. Your post gives me a feeling of pride. Great write up Ambuj!

  10. 70 years. I honestly had no idea and thought it was one of the oldest. It is crazy how life expectancy has doubled in that time. All that fantastic food. Great read and happy birthday to you India 😀

  11. Happy Birthday India. Loved the pledges at the end could not agree more. I personally cannot wait to live in India and set up my own home stay type place. The visa process is so much easier now and I do hope it attracts more people to come and experience India.

  12. Exactly Atithi Devo Bhavo. Welcome to India and go explore. One thing India is changing and trending in the world

  13. India looks like a place I’d like to visit one day. Happy 70th birthday! Thank you so much for sharing!! Loved your post!

  14. India keeps taking big steps! also with companies like uber and female-only taxi companies its getting safer again to get around as a woman. curious to see where India will be in 10 years time 😊 hopefully still making the same delicious food 😉

    1. Hi Sabrina,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. India is a peaceloving country and keeps working to get its social and cultural indices at par with global powers. Meanwhile, if you have plans of visiting India, I can help you cook an Indian dish too!

  15. It’s impressive how much India has grown. That’s now double the number of life expectancy and from 17%, the literacy leaped to 73%. The margin is big.

    I wish all countries, not just India will make the same pledge as written here, for better tourism. Number 1 is so important to ensure that the tourists will return.

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