About the Book, “Indian BnBs: An emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sector”

The team at BnBNation comprising of the co-founders and mentor has authored the book titled ‘Indian BnBs: An emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sector’ in order to spread awareness of the rapidly emerging alternative mode of accommodation in India. 

Cover of the book, Indian BnBs: An emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sector

Cover of the book, Indian BnBs: An emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sector

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Tourism and Hospitality is an engine of growth for India, a crucial sector for creating maximum employment opportunities and earning coveted foreign exchange, contributing upto 8-10% India’s GDP and considerable employment generation. Obviously, it is known to possess the Multiplier Effect on the other important sectors of the economy such as Transport, Urban development, IT, Civil Aviation, Shipping, Revenue and taxation etc.

It has been seen in Planning commission reports that an investment of INR 1 million, Agriculture and Manufacturing sectors generate 18 jobs and 45 jobs respectively, while Tourism sector generates 78 jobs! Accommodation is an important component of tourism sector. Ministry of Tourism, Government of India launched Incredible India Bed and Breakfast scheme in 2006 in view of the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010. India receives 7-8 million foreign travelers every year. These travelers have always looked up to Indian values, traditions, family bonding, culture and heritage. What if they would get a chance to experience all that, first hand, while staying in an Indian home with an Indian family. Wont it be a win-win situation for everyone?

Though the concept of Bed and Breakfast is highly popular in Australia, USA, Europe etc. the authors felt that Bed and Breakfast has not been researched and promoted appropriately in India. While a European BnB can offer amazing amenities, but the warmth and hospitality that an Indian family offers is unbeatable! This book contains exhaustive research on Bed and Breakfast scheme and its scope for increasing tourist arrival in India. This book has something for every tourism stakeholder:

  • A traveler can get an in-depth review of the Bed and Breakfast rooms and the benefits they offer in all 29 states and 7 Union Territories of India.
  • Tourism Boards can learn the nuances of the Bed and Breakfast scheme in order to portray the state’s culture and heritage.
  • This book shall answer many questions that Bed and Breakfast owners have in their mind.
  • Prospective Bed and Breakfast can read the reviews of existing Bed and Breakfast owners and evaluate whether to convert their homes into a BnB.
  • There are a large number of degree and diploma courses in Tourism subject in various universities and institutions. An alternative accommodation and a disruptive BnB concept in Hospitality will be a study topic in academia. So, this book will be widely referred for libraries of such universities and institutions.
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Messages for the Book, “Indian BnBs”: 

The Foreword in the book is by Mr KJ Alphons, the Hon’ble Minister of Tourism, Govt of India.

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The messages in the book are by many eminent personalities in the Tourism and Hospitality sector of India

  • Dr Lalit K Panwar- Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan ILD Skills University (RISU) and Ex- Secretary, Tourism GoI
  • Prof Sandeep Kulshreshta, President- Indian Tourism Congress and Director, IITTM, (MoT- GoI)
  • Prof S P Bansal, VC Indira Gandhi University, Rewari and VC- BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya Sonepat, Haryana and President- Indian Tourism and Hospitality Congress (ITHC)
  • Prof Manoj Dixit, VC – Dr RML Awadh University, Faizabad, UP
  • Sr. Prof Manjula Chaudhary, Head of Deptt of Tourism and Hotel Management, Kurukshetra University
  • Dr Subhash Goyal, Hony Secy – FAITH, Ex-President IATO (2003-2016)
Beautifuland homely Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Delhi NCR

Beautiful and homely Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Delhi NCR

Chapter-wise summary of “Indian BnBs”:

Chapter 1: Bed and Breakfast (BnB): Concept and Global scenario

This chapter introduces the concept of Bed and Breakfast. In addition, this chapter acquaints the reader with the scenario of BnBs in 25 countries around the world. Unlike USA and Europe, where there is prevalence of hosted and non-hosted BnBs, the concept in India revolves around “Hosts residing on the premises”. This concept of BnB is an ideal takeaway for academia and scholars.

Chapter 2: Tourism potential and Scenario of BnB in India

In India, hospitality is based on the principle of Atithi Devo Bhava, i.e. “the guest is god.” India boasts of tremendous tourism potential. This chapter deals with the Incredible India Bed and Breakfast Scheme in India and the amenities provided by BnBs registered under the scheme. It also delves into the incentives and benefits offered by the Government to the current and prospective BnB owners.

Chapter 3: What’s in it for a traveler?

The basic idea of Indian BnB scheme is to provide an opportunity for foreign tourists to stay with an Indian family, to experience Indian customs and traditions and relish authentic Indian cuisine. This chapter lists down the reviews of the traveler and the reasons for their coming back to a BnB on a repetitive basis. This chapter provide the traveler a compelling reason to book a BnB instead of a hotel!

Chapter 4: Success stories of BnBs

Here, you shall get acquainted about the “aha” experience that the BnB owners have provided to the guests from all over the world. This chapter is the real manifestation of the phrase Atithi Devo Bhava. This chapter is highly sought by the travelers as it explains in depth, the reason for a foreign traveler to book an Indian BnB.

Chapter 5: Relevance of BnBs for Medical, Disabled and Slow Mobility Tourists

India is a sought-after medical tourism destination due to its state of the art medical facilities, highly skilled doctors and low-cost treatment. Unlike hotels, the BnB owners are able to customize their way of life as per the requirements of the medical tourists and slow mobility tourists. This adjustment provides the medical tourists and slow mobility tourists, a psychological, physical and mental support.

Chapter 6 Case study of BnBs in Delhi

This chapter contains the crux of the PhD conducted by the co-author, Dr GG Saxena on Bed and Breakfast accommodations for the first time, in India. Unlike other states, Delhi has a separate Act on Bed and Breakfast to enforce the provisions of the Act. In this chapter, you shall get a holistic perspective on the BnBs in Delhi and the traveler profile and their preferences.

Chapter 7: Tourism potential and BnB Act in Delhi

This chapter offers the legal aspect of BnB scheme of Delhi and the effect BnB sector has had on the tourism in Delhi. Unlike other states, Delhi has a separate Act on Bed and Breakfast to enforce the provisions of the Act. Here the role of Police, local authorities, tourism stakeholders has been specified.

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Chapter 8: Status of BnBs in Other states

This chapter offers the reader an exhaustive research and observations of the BnB scheme being followed in other states and UTs of India. BnB in India is in nascent stage and all the information regarding BnB schemes in states is available yet scattered. This chapter analyzes, compares and contrasts the salient features of each state and UT, which is highly useful for policymakers.

Chapter 9: Emerging opportunities for BnB owners

This chapter is a must read for the existing as well as prospective BnB onwers as it enlists the tips and tricks in which they can cut through the stiff competition among various accommodation providers and increase their occupancy rates.

Chapter 10: Way Forward             

Construction of hotel is an expensive affair while renting out a spare room is an environmentally sustainable way of meeting tourists demands. This chapter factors in the various parameters such as mobile apps, social media etc. that can cause further disruption in the hospitality sector, thus, increasing the occupancy rates for BnB owners and lesser burden on the environment. Government and policymakers can take a cue from this chapter and increase the number of BnBs in a time-optimized manner while keeping tourists’ satisfaction at the center.

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About the Authors of “Indian BnBs”

Dr GG Saxena, co author of Indian BnBs- an emerging disruptor in hospitality sectorDr G G Saxena

Dr G G Saxena, an ex-IAS officer, is an expert in Tourism, Infrastructure and Legal domains. He served as the Managing Director & CEO of Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation Ltd. (DTTDC). During this tenure, he worked towards developing various tourism and hospitality projects under PPP and non-PPP mode. He initiated the revival of Dying Arts and Festivals of India for promoting Tourism in Delhi such as Magic festival, Itr and Sugandhi mela, authentic local cuisines festivals, kite-flying festivals etc. As MD and CEO of Delhi Tourism, he received the National Tourism Award from the President of India on Delhi Heritage Walk on behalf of DTTDC in 2011. While serving as Secretary (Tourism) in Andaman and Nicobar islands administration from 2007 to 2010, he initiated and developed various PPP projects including the first Sea plane launched in India. Dr Saxena was awarded PhD degree by Dr K N Modi University, Rajasthan, in “Management” with topic of Research in Tourism and Hospitality sector ie. “Role of Bed and Breakfast scheme of Delhi in Development of tourism in Delhi”. His research articles on BnBs give an inside view of BnB scenario of India, hitherto not researched in detail. He is visiting faculty in IITTM (an autonomous body under MoT, GoI) and in other universities. He is member of consultative committee in some universities for initiating tourism courses like B.Voc etc. He is Tourism and Infrastructure Expert in Jabalpur Smart City project in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Advocate in Delhi High court and secretary cum trustee in Delhi Heritage Foundation.

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Anshul Saxena, co author of Indian BnBs: An emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sectorMr Anshul Saxena

A 2013-14 graduate from IIM Ahmedabad, Anshul has over 10 years of experience across the public, private and government sectors. He has spent a bulk of his career in the US building software products, some of which are used by the top banks and financial institutions. He has worked with Airtel, the world’s 3rd largest telecom service provider, in the product management, acquisitions and strategy groups and won accolades for his hard work, business acumen and single point dedication. He has decided to jump on the startup bandwagon as he believes through his endeavor of BnBNation, he can be a part of the new upcoming disruption in the tourism/hospitality space in India, and create an everlasting proposition. He has provided invaluable inputs to the book by researching the BnB scheme across India and emerging technological innovations in the Hospitality space, thereby, lending the book a pragmatic touch.

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Ambuj Saxena, Co author of Indian BnBs- An emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sectorMr. Ambuj Saxena

Ambuj Saxena is passionate about digital marketing and loves digging research anecdotes for his research-based writing and blogging. Post his MBA from MICA, he has successfully executed various online and offline marketing campaigns for companies operating in Automobile, Fashion and Lifestyle, Travel and Tourism sectors as well as Government departments. He has provided consultancy to Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) Bus services in Delhi and helped increase its ridership. He participated twice in HULT Competition, an International Annual Case study contest, in Dubai and later in Shanghai, to solve an issue plaguing the society through social entrepreneurship. Earlier, as a Computer Engineer graduate, he had spent valuable time working in TCS to hone his technical skills. He has co-founded BnBNation, an aggregator platform of authentic and registered Bed and Breakfast rooms as he believes that Tourism and Hospitality is as much online as it is offline, and he can add value to both. He has included snippets from BnBNation blog and the traveler’s psyche to provide the reader a taste of Indian hospitality. His blogs have been helping a lot of foreign travelers in planning their cultural experiences in India. He has done in-depth study of BnBs in all 29 states and 7 UTs in India. In turn, he has brought together the scattered information on BnBs on one platform through this book.

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Interview on Doordarshan National 

Doordarshan National channel which has the highest viewership in the country interviewed the authors of the book, “Indian BnBs: An emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sector”. 

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The authors of the book namely Dr. G. G Saxena (IAS retd), Anshul Saxena (Ex-IIM Ahmedabad) and Ambuj Saxena (Ex- MICA) created awareness about Bed and Breakfast accommodations as an alternate source of accommodations during the show Good Evening India on 19th July 2018 at 4 PM. 

Here is a video that tells you why Bed and Breakfast accommodations have taken the Indian Hospitality sector by storm:

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