Heritage stay in Chittorgarh

By Mrs Saumyata Tiwari  & Major Arvind Tiwari

A visit to this very historical town of Chittorgarh reminds you of “The Rajput valor” and “Rajput values” of the medieval times. Values which regarded the “Rajput honor” above everything else and values which The Rajputs and their Army upheld at any cost whatsoever, even to the peril of their lives. Accounts of historians are replete with tales of how this “Land of the Brave” gave a befitting reply to the onslaught of the Persian invasion on their soil, to the extent of defeating them in many decisive battles fought over a period of time.

The scale and the glory of the military victories accomplished by MAHARANA PRATAP have parallels in history only by some Sikh Kings of Punjab and Maratha Kings of Maharashtra. Every inch, every monument, every alley, every track, every fort, every small little construction of this unsung town is a living testimony to all the heroism and patriotism of highest order displayed by the sons of the soil. i.e. The Rajputs and the traces of it shall linger on forever till eternity.

Saumyata posing in front of Meera Mandir
Saumyata posing in front of Meera Mandir

The Padmini Haveli 

If you are looking for an authentic ancient palace converted into heritage hotel then choose to stay at the Padmini Haveli guest home and soak up in the village atmosphere right in the old fort of Chittorgarh!

Padmini Haveli in Chittorgarh
Padmini Haveli in Chittorgarh

Opened in 2011 Padmini Haveli is a traditional southern Rajasthani house converted by Swiss couple into a nine-room guest house. Located near the walls of Chittorgarh Fort, the haveli overlooks temples and palaces. From the roof terrace, you can enjoy some sweeping views of the city and the Aravalli hills beyond the Mewar plain.

The Hosts

Parvati and Sudhir Sukhwal and their beautiful children will welcome you to this amazing place and ensure that you have a delightful, traditional Indian experience for a few days whilst discovering the sights of Chittorgarh!


You can very well enjoy different activities during your stay at the haveli.
They offer you mountain biking, horse-riding, guided tours to nearby villages, sound and light shows.

Padmini Haveli
Padmini Haveli


The Haveli offers sumptuous Rajasthani delicacies! But yes this place is pure vegetarian and no alcoholic beverages are served!! Outside Guests –  If you are not staying at this place you can still book your meals in advance 2-3 days minimum and enjoy the lovely lunch or dinner at the Haveli! Isn’t that Awesome?

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  1. A palace turned into a place I can stay?! Sign me up! What a cool experience that would be. I would love to feel like royalty even if only for a few days 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica,
      There are options of Heritage stay in most parts of north India including Delhi, Jaipur, and chittorgarh as mentioned in this post. Do let us know your travel plans and we’ll get you the experience you want!

  2. The Haveli sounds like a wonderful place to stay when visiting the old fort of Chittorgarh. I can picture myself visiting the rooftop terrace enjoying the sweeping views. I also like how the hosts offer several activities for exploring the area. No need to worry about travel planning, they have you covered.

  3. I love the idea of staying in old homes. I’ve heard of castles in Europe, but not an ancient palace in India! I’m heading there for the first time in March (for Holi and more) and I’m definitely going to have to try to make this a stop!

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