Interview with Helene Choo

This time we interviewed Helene Choo of HC Lifestyle Blog. We were delighted to interview a passionate travleler who is candid about her answers and inspirational in her quest to find and give happy moments to her readers. Read on to find out her answers to the questions we asked her:

Capturing the essence of a destination, BnBNation, HC Lifestyle blog
Capturing the essence of a destination
  1. When did you start blogging?
    I started blogging at the start of June 2017.

  2. Why did you start blogging?
    I wanted to share my experiences with others! I love writing and taking photos, and spreading positivity, so I thought, why not collect all these things in one place? Read more about me and why I started my blog here!

  3. Do you blog part time or as full-time profession?
    I blog part-time.

  4. Do you earn through your blog? If yes, how do you earn through your blog? (Not mandatory to answer)
    I would love to, but it’s still early days.

  5. What is the niche/focus area of your blog?
    My blog is about lifestyle (super vague, haha)! I mainly write about food, travel, and health/fitness, but I also have an interview series, and some other posts about various subjects that interest me.

  6. Do you have any blogging idols? If yes, who are they and why?
    There are a lot of bloggers that I admire, too many to list. The main things I admire about them is their tenacity, their ambition, and their creativity.

    Helene is fond of taking pics wherever she goes!  HC Lifestyle Blog BnBNation
    Helene is fond of taking pics wherever she goes!
  7. Narrate an unusual incident you experienced while traveling. It could be funny or heart wrenching, but something unusual.
    I went to New York in the summer of 2012. I was walking in the street, and I suddenly saw…a live turkey, just wandering about in all its feathery glory. Like it didn’t have a care in the world! I often still wonder where it came from…

  8. What has traveling taught you about yourself?
    It has taught me to be open-minded and to appreciate the beauty in life.

  9. With whom do you travel: Travel alone, travel with friends, travel with loved ones?
    It depends. I love traveling both alone and with friends. I don’t go on holiday with my family anymore.

  10. If you have a travel partner, has traveling with the partner(s) taught you something about the partner that you didn’t know earlier? If yes, what is that lesson?
    I don’t have a fixed travel partner. But I have learned that I need to travel with someone who also enjoys waking up late and staying up late.

    HC Lifestyle Blog is about inspiring others to live life to the fullest through Helene's experiences. BnBNation
    HC Lifestyle Blog is about inspiring others to live life to the fullest through Helene’s experiences.
  11. When you travel to a country, do you experience the destination by observing its local culture, traditions and way of life?
    I certainly try to!

  12. If given a chance, would you like to live with the local family and eat and behave like a local to understand the local way of life better?
    I’m not sure if I would. I like to do my own thing when I travel.

  13. What do you prefer: Lofty Mountains or Sandy Beaches?
    I absolutely love beaches, so that would be my preference over mountains anytime! But I’m not against traveling to the mountains either.

    Ambuj Saxena, Co-Founder BnBNation’s interview with Helen Choo

  14. What is your dream destination and why?
    I would love to visit Australia sometime, because I’ve never been there before. It’s almost at the other side of the world from where I live (in Spain). I want to see all the awesome wildlife that lives there (aren’t koalas the cutest??)!

    HC Lifestyle blog
    HC Lifestyle blog is an inspiration for bloggers across Lifestyle and Travel domains
  15. What makes you feel unsafe in a tourist destination?
    Evil people.

  16. Do you have any money saving tips for our readers who aspire to travel?
    I’m the worst at saving money when I travel (I like to spoil myself…), so I’d rather not try and give any advice about that!

  17. What are the 5 things you always pack while heading to a destination?
    Earplugs 2. Eyemask 3. Portable phone battery 4. Camera 5. Kindle

  18. What are your favorite travel apps?
    Google Maps (I have a terrible sense of direction), (for hotels)

  19. If you work and travel, could you tell our readers (your choice or not to answer this) how you earn an income whilst travelling and any good tips or advice on how to travel the world whilst working?
    I don’t.

  20. What is your favorite travel quote?
    “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

  21. What are your travel plans for the rest of the year?
    I’m going to Santorini in September, I’m so excited! Then, I’ll head home (Luxembourg) for Christmas.
Helene Choo of HC Lifestyle Blog BnBNation
Helene Choo of HC Lifestyle Blog
About Helene and HC Lifestyle Blog:

The HC Lifestyle Blog is about inspiring others to live life to the fullest through my experiences. I would love for people to see that they can enjoy living their own way, and that they don’t have to imitate someone else’s way of doing things.

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