Life is interesting in the Hospitality sector. You meet people from all parts of the world, you gain knowledge of a new way of thinking and you see a new perspective in life!

So, when i received a text message from Dr Martin De Munck informing me that he will be coming to India again after a 2 year gap, I jumped with joy!

But hey! Did I introduce Dr Martin to you?

Introducing Dr Martin De Munck

Dr. Martin is a 64-year-old highly qualified, well learned Homoeopathic doctor from the Netherlands. He makes trips around the world on account of his work and his willingness to see new cultures and witness new places! I got to know him through my Homoeopathic Doctor Dr. Nandini Sharma, who told me in Jan 2017 (3 years back) that a doctor needs a place to stay in Delhi to attend a Homoeopathy conference. So, the BnBNation team sprung into action and cherry-picked a nice place for him to stay in March 2017. However, Dr. Martin and I became friends and we stayed in touch even after he was gone!

So, now that almost 3 years later, he planned a trip to India, I was filled with happiness! This time, his requirements were different as he was coming with a group of other Homoeopathic doctors, he needed a softer bed this time around and that he wanted to visit the old Delhi area more intensively! The task for the BnBNation team was cut out. We calmed down our nerves and started searching for the perfect BnB for his requirements that boasted of a soft bed, better hygiene and more rooms available. Fortunately, we found one this time in Saket and that was adjacent to the prominent Delhi’s famous malls.

Dr Martin de Munck is no stranger to India. As a Homoeopathic doctor from the Netherlands, he keeps traveling to India and other parts of the world to attend Homoeopathy conferences and seminars. In 2017, he stayed in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar based Bed and Breakfast accommodation cherry-picked by BnBNation and this time, he stayed in Delhi’s Saket based Bed and Breakfast accommodation, cherry-picked by BnBNation!

Heritage walk

BnBNation offers package for Heritage walk in Delhi!
BnBNation offers a package for a Heritage walk in Delhi!

As you can see in the video above, Dr Martin seems at ease at the end of the trip but he had a good 7 hour heritage walk in Old Delhi with his group of Netherlands-based Homoeopathic doctors and the next day we had planned a shopping spree in INA Dilli Haat! Shashank who took the group around the streets of old Delhi was gleaming with happiness at the end of the trip.

It was a memorable day trip with our four guests from Netherlands. At first, they just shocked when I wanted to take them for museum first before they reach Old Delhi. They welcomed my opinion only after knowing that it’s an open air museum with live workmanship on crafts. The museum doesn’t see much crowd and then aura of low lying village setting has took them to another world of imagination where they got touched by objects n textiles of Indian origin. Our journey to Old Delhi started with Red Fort and as I weaved many stories of Mughal era before we reach the Diwan-e-Khas. They were mesmerized by looking on these palaces and asked me many things about Indian culture which I politely answered.
We took the narrow lanes to reach Parathe wali Gali and had some really tasty parathas when we were super hungry. Then our next stop was Jain Havelis, temples and neighborhood. They show prime examples of collectively living joint families and patronizing art of painting and stone carving. Last point was Spice Market which is famously known as Khari Baoli, I took them to the wholesale market n tell them about the consumption of spices in India and little story of trade exchange connected with Delhi n Agra.
They bought spices for home and we happily went back to our home. I’m touched by their kindness and appreciates their motivation to explore the city.

– This is what Shashank Gupta, who took everyone on a heritage walk, had to say about the group!

Dutch doctors go on a shopping spree!

Coming back to me and my thoughts, I thought the group would drop dead tired by the end of the shopping but everyone was fine and raring to go if i would have asked them to touch the moon! Their energy to explore something new totally amazed me!

Dr Martin and his group of Homoeopathic doctors from Netherlands enjoying themselves in INA Dilli Haat
Dr Martin and his group of Homoeopathic doctors from Netherlands enjoying themselves in INA Dilli Haat

By 5pm and after a long session of shopping in Dilli Haat for handicrafts, the group wanted to get some rest before heading out for a dinner where my partner and I had planned.

A cosy Saket based Bed and Breakfast accommodation with Air purifying plants was all that the group needed!
A cosy Saket based Bed and Breakfast accommodation with Air purifying plants was all that the group needed!

The last dinner with the Dutch doctors!

So, we regrouped at the Bed and Breakfast accommodation around 7 30 PM to head out for dinner. Though our original venue for dinner was an authentic Indian restaurant but the group was so tired of eating Indian stuff that we changed the course of the meal (like, literally!). Off we were to Thank God! It’s Friday (TGIFs) in DLF Promenade mall and with the light music and nice food they were happy to let their hair down! During the dinner, we started talking about things that define love and what they as individuals thought was the most important thing to keep in life! The answers amazed us and made us think “How similar, yet how different we are!”

Did i forget to introduce a special lady?

Dr. Loes Kremerr is a home-based Homoeopathy doctor in the Netherlands and has a penchant for Indian spices. She can eat spices so easily and you wont see tears rolling down her eyes or see her face turning red! I don’t think I can’t eat so many spices but hell yeah, she can!

Dr. Loes Kremerr is a Homoeopathic doctor from the Netherlands. She has made trips within Europe and has stayed in European BnBs. During her first trip to India for work, she visited Delhi and Agra and did a Heritage walk in old Delhi, shopped in Dilli Haat and stayed in a Saket BnB cherry-picked by BnBNation. She was amazed by the hospitality, big rooms, and Indian food that the Indian BnB offered! Watch her rave about India!

The next morning, the group had to leave to catch an early morning flight so, we parted ways at 10 PM after dinner. It won’t be an exaggeration to say but we had tears in our eyes and the days had passed away so quickly and now it was time to part! All the guests raved about the BnB, the host, the feeling of a family while staying in the BnB. They were struggling to rate which day was better than the other as every day was eventful and a learning experience for each one of them ( My partner and I learnt a few things about life as well!) With a heavy heart and a hope to see each other, we hugged and bid adieu to one another!

There are some bonds that transcend physical boundaries and the concept of Bed and Breakfast accommodations eases in lowering such boundaries and lets people’s hearts meet!

Ambuj Saxena

Ambuj Saxena is passionate about all things digital! He likes to travel and explore new culture and places. He likes writing blogs and likes chasing people to make them read the blogs too! Of late, he has been concentrating on providing a social media strategy for a few travel and hospitality companies. His co-authored book, 'Indian BnBs: An emerging disruptor in the Hospitality sector' has received enormous response and has been adopted as a course book in Tourism and Hospitality courses in prominent universities of India such as Jammu University, Jamia Millia Islamia university and Ambedkar university. A 2013 Brand Management graduate from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), he has successfully executed various online and offline marketing campaigns for companies operating in Automobile, Fashion and Lifestyle, Travel and Tourism sectors as well as Government departments. He has provided consultancy to Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) Bus services in Delhi and helped increase its ridership. He participated twice in HULT Competition, an International Annual Case study contest, in Dubai to solve an issue plaguing the society through social entrepreneurship. Earlier, as a Computer Engineer graduate, he had spent valuable time working in TCS to hone his technical skills. He has co-founded BnBNation as he believes that Tourism and Hospitality is as much online as it is offline, and he can add value to both.


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This sounds like an amazing concept. Bnbs are perfect if you want to experience a homely atmosphere without compromising on comfort. In fact, I believe Bnb’s are something everyone must try when they are traveling to India because a hotel stay would be nothing different from the one in their native countries. Thank you Ambuj for the tips and recommendations provided in the blog. I will surely pass it on to my friends abroad who plan to visit India soon.

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