Effects of Delhi smog

Hey guys as the year 2017 comes to a close it is interesting to recount the most eventful happenings in Delhi!

As you know Delhi is the capital of India and a land of opportunities for people and companies all over the world. However, of late, it has been infamous due to pollution and safety issues.I had dealt with the issue of safety in Delhi in one of my earlier blogs.

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In this blog, I wish to bring your attention to pollution in Delhi and extrapolate its effect on the Tourism sector in India.

What has been going wrong with Delhi

Geographically, Delhi is not connected to any ocean body unlike Mumbai which is connected to Arabian sea or Chennai or Kolkata which are connected to Bay of Bengal. In bustling metropolitan cities, these ocean winds help ease out the polluted air and normalize the levels of pollution by bringing in the moist air of the oceans. Sadly, that is not the case with Delhi.

Delhi and its neighboring states BnBNation
Delhi and its neighboring states

Furthermore, Delhi also shares borders with states that have been touted to indulge in large scale crop burning. This leads to high levels of CO2 emission in and around Delhi. If you consider the number of factories in Delhi and the ever-increasing number of cars, you can only fathom the increasing levels of pollution in Delhi. All these and other factors, lead to high levels of pollution in Delhi which in winter fog, turns into smog!

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This November, the level of pollution and smog was scary and Delhi was compared to a Gas chamber and the city of London in 1950’s!

Effect of Delhi smog on tourism in India

Why are we talking about Delhi’s smog with an eye on tourism in India? Well the question is answered in the following stats:

8.80 million: Foreign Tourist Arrival in India in 2016

2.6 million ie 30% of the FTA arrive in Delhi first before they head off to other cities/states of India.

Thus, Delhi gives an incoming foreign tourist the first impression about India! What impression would you get of a country, where you find it hard to breathe and where you can find people roam around wearing masks to save themselves from toxic air? Had I been the tourist, I would seriously consider cutting my trip short!

These 4 months November to February see 35% FTA in India and leads India to earn 30% of all year round Foreign Exchange Earnings.

Thus, if the place of arrival is bad, then the number of tourists visiting India during this smog would have a double mind in visiting India during the same period next year. Thus, smog in Delhi has a long term effect on tourism in India.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker’s visit to Delhi

So much so, that when Prince Charles and Camilla arrived in Delhi, they were greeted by Indian dignitaries and Delhi smog!


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Effect of Delhi smog on Sports

Sri Lankan cricket team struggled playing against India during the recently concluded Test match against India in Delhi.

Sri Lankan players struggled during the recently concluded Test series against India in Delhi BnBNation
Sri Lankan players struggled during the recently concluded Test series against India in Delhi
Courtesy NDTVIMG

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Effect of Delhi smog on climate

Another effect of Delhi smog is on the winters in Delhi! Today is the last day of the year and usually around this time, Delhi has a maximum temperature of 15 degree Celsius. I dare not step out of home without a strong reason. However, this time the temperature is 20 degree Celsius and I am wearing a thermal and shirt to save myself! I wonder if I’ll be able to wear my overcoat, my winter clothes.

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Mr Khubchand of Chrysalis Bed and Breakfast is of the view that despite all problems plaguing Delhi, people will continue visiting the city.

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However, the point is that is climate change really happening in India? If yes, can we do something to prevent it?

Pledge for 2018

  1. Pledge to do Car-pooling: Let us pledge to do car pooling as frequently as possible
  2. Pledge to share cabs: While booking a cab, we should go for OLA share or Uber pool to reduce our carbon footprint and to make it pocket friendly. We just need to leave 10 minutes before time for our meeting!
  3. Pledge to donate blankets: Let us donate our old clothes and blankets to the residential guards to prevent them from burning wooden sticks to generate heat. This would increase the pollution. So donating blankets and clothes will be win-win situation for all!
  4. Pledge against a Bon fire party: New year is approaching and I’m sure you are in a hurry to make party arrangements. However, if you have made a party plan for a terrace bonfire party, well you must be aware that it is an environmental costly affair! Please replan!
  5. Pledge to plant more trees: Let us be grateful to what nature offers us. We all know plants are a great source of nourishment for us. Can we express our gratitude by planting a tree in 2018 for every new deal we crack, every raise in salary, every new birthday / anniversary / event?

I think if we can keep the above pledges, the year 2018 would be a highly satisfying and green one!

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17 thoughts on “Effects of Delhi smog”

  1. Very good Blog on facts. The blogger was discussing environmental impact on Delhi and consequences of it on tourism. As regards arrival of foreign and domestic tourism in Delhi, Oct to March is season when Delhi Celebrates Indian Art and Culture. Best cultural nighs and glamorous shows happening in Delhi remain attracting factors to draw maximum tourists in Delhi , having little affect of pollution. Policy Planners need to do more to make Delhi less polluted. At least crop burning issue if settled would bring great positive effect on Delhi. Another important issue for policy planners is to ensure SMOOTH RIDE FROM CITY TO DELHI AIRPORT!
    Ambuj keep apprising Delhiites and others interested in Delhi of such excellent information through your Blogs.

  2. Yes, very nice thoughts by planting more trees this problem could be solved. If there is any other alternative provided to farmers not to burn crops rather to suggest other alternative this would be really helpful.

  3. This post really does put into perspective the great impact of air pollution on a bustling city. After having visited Delhi last year, I was made aware of the general complaints and illnesses of locals and travelers affected by the air pollution.This is something that should be looked at very seriously and the environment surrounding Delhi should be made safer for the locals. Your tips and suggestion could have a positive impact if adhered to!

  4. Great blog and these are known issues with Delhi. I like the fact that instead of holding govt responsible for no action, you have listed small things that citizens can do to make it better for Delhi, like car pool and plant trees.

  5. These issues seriously need a lot of attention and I am sure if everyone does their own bit and take responsibilities of their own actions, the conditions can improve

  6. Oh my god this is how awful the smog in India is? Wow. When I saw the photo, I thought it was just a filter, then I read the title and read your post and I was like, whoa, it’s smog! That’s very thick! Haven’t seen anything like it, not even in my own country where air pollution is also a huge problem. I think we can all learn from the Singaporeans, they limit car ownership. I hope they would have a law like this in my country here. The traffic here is horrible, I think people should just take a bicycle or something.

  7. Wow! I never knew it was that bad. I am going myself in a couple weeks. I hope the situation got a little better I heard that taking photos is als really hard of landmarks as some can hardly been seen because of the smog! Fingers crossed! 🙂

    1. Hey Tom, I hope the weather clears up a bit by the time you land here. I am sure you would love the city once you get used to a bit of noise on the roads. I have heard many travelers love getting on the Indian roads and sleep in Indian homes. so all the best for your trip and let’s catch up once you are free in Delhi.

  8. Delhi Smog is becoming more and more of a challenge and is bound to impact tourism. Steps need to be taken to ensure that the pollution levels are in check, and these need to be done on an urgent basis.

  9. Wow never been to Delhi but went to Hong Kong had a headache the whole time there. I believe it can change when people get more environmentally friendly cars but that takes awhile in many countries. I want to explore India and Delhi but I think the smog would affect me a lot :/

  10. Very informative post on smog in Delhi! This is also a serious problem in many big cities in Asia, I didn’t know it was so bad in Delhi. Carpooling is certainly a good way to help with the problem!

  11. truly said , the smog in Delhi is reaching proportions that need some diligent actions to be undertaken. In addition i think there needs to be a study conducted to understand of geographical locations and reasons also play a role in this

  12. It makes me very happy that 2018 is a year of change for the smog. I’ve refrained from visiting Delhi because I have asthma, but I’m dying to visit. It’s crazy that even the cricket team struggled! It’s amaxig how small life changes can make huge environmental changes!

  13. I pledge to save our city !I was sick for the whole of November due to this smog.I feel people in delhi use too many cars and there is less use of more environment friendly vehicles .Even tk cng is not helping ease the situation in any way.

  14. Nice. No offense to the Chinese but this looks like the same problem faced by China today. The smog really does defeat the purpose of tourism. Aside from that, it would also bring in a lot health issues. I do hope a lot of people pledge to your cause.

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