How to spend 24 hours in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is an Union Territory of India. Situated picturesquely at the foothills of Shivaliks, it is known as one of the best experiments in urban planning and modern architecture in the twentieth century in India. It is at a distance of 250 km from Delhi so one would take almost 5 hours to reach there.

Chandigarh derives its name from the temple of “Chandi Mandir” located in the vicinity of the site selected for the city. The deity ‘Chandi’, the goddess of power and a fort of ‘garh’ laying beyond the temple gave the city its name “Chandigarh-The City Beautiful”.

  • Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake Chandigarh
Sukhna Lake (

World renowned architect Le Corbusier along with Chief Engineer P L Verma created this beautiful lake in 1958 by damming the Sukhna Choe in Chandigarh. This eye-catching man-made lake originally had a depth of 18 feet and extends over an area of 3 sq km. The government of India has declared it as a reserved national wetland.

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This place is mostly crowded by a stream of joggers and walkers who come here to relish the fresh air. The peaceful lake in the foothills of the majestic Shivalik range is surrounded by lush greenery and makes it one of the most popular tourist attraction points in Chandigarh. Also, Sukhna houses many migratory birds and fishes. In fact, one can enjoy different water sports activities here like boating, yachting etc. What’s more? Sukhna Lake is open on all days of the week between 5 am to 9 pm for free.

  • Rock Garden / Nek Chand Garden

Gardens are soothing to the soul, aren’t they? Rock Garden is a sculpture garden spread over 40 acres of land. Built by the Late Nek Chand, the Rock garden is entirely built of industrial and home waste! One can find sculptures made using discarded items like glasses, bottles, bangles, tiles etc. This garden also has man-made interlinked waterfalls. It is a must visit destination for all tourists. It also opens up our eyes towards sustainable lifestyle and how waste can be made beneficial for us.

Rock Garden, Chandigarh
Dancing girl sculpture made of industrial and domestic waste in Rock Garden.
Credits: Wikimedia

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  • Elante Mall

Elante Mall
Elante Mall Pic credits:

Do you like lazying around in the hotel or do you like stepping out of your evening shows into a mall. Elante mall is the largest mall among in Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir. The mall is spread over 20 acres of area. The mall is stretched over 1.15 million sq. ft and that’s why Elante is the 2nd largest shopping mall in Northern India. Larsen & Toubro (L&T) company developed this project in 2013. Meanwhile, this mall has around 218 reputed brands including Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, La Senza, Mango, Superdry, Benetton, Gant, FCUK, GAS, Diesel, Brooks Brothers, UCB, CCD, Girl in the Café, Choko La. Furthermore, Elante offers numerous options for entertainment through bowling alleys and multiplexes. Don’t miss out the lip smacking dishes in the food court on the 3rd floor which can accommodate 750 people.

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  • Books N Brew

Books & Brew
A glimpse of Books & Brew Cafe

Book n Brew is one of the lesser known book cafes in Chandigarh. It is located in Sector  16 D. The ambience of this place is very cool, due to Indo- western look and feel to the cafe. It boasts of awesome architecture and a unique seating arrangement. Also, the coffee and the cuisines of this place are yum and come at a reasonable price. No wonder, this place is a favorite hangout among the college goers. Interestingly, the shooting of famous Punjabi video song ‘Khaab’ by singer Akhil is done here.

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Where to stay in Chandigarh

Are you fond of big lawns where you can go for an evening stroll sipping a cup of hot coffee? Are you looking out for a relaxed getaway, away from buzzing phones and stress? Are you interested in knowing more about a 1950’s Royal Enfield and how it can still beat the contemporary bikes on style and speed? Well, then you would love this quaint Bed and Breakfast tucked up in sector 15A of Chandigarh with a hospitable mother-son duo. They are warm, polite and the perfect hosts.

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  1. The view of the Sukhna lake looks really peaceful, was the photo taken in a sunset? I loved it. And it’s interesting to find out that it is man-made. By the way, is the Book n Brew cafe a library cafe? Does it have books that customers are free to read?

  2. Truly, this is another place that I should going to visit in India. I really like the stone park cause it seemed to be so unique and adorable. I also love the serenity of Sukhna Lake and its a perfect place to commune with nature and just enjoy what it has to offer. The mall that you’ve mentioned looks great as well and would love to amble around If I get the chance. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. You forgot to mention the exciting markets of sector 17 in Chandigarh. More than a decade back, Chandigarh was a very boring city but today it is a pulsating town. That is what changing demographics do to a city.

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  6. Although I have crossed Chandigarh several times on my way to Himachal. And once as child I also did a day trip of the city covering Rock garden and rose garden and a few other places. But never stayed here. I love the greenery of the city and the kind of calm that it instills. Would love to follow your guide and visit here sometime.

  7. I have never been to Chandigarh, however I passed through on my way to Dalhousie. It’s interesting to know how it derived it’s name. That view of the lake looks so serene . Also it’s fascinating to know that the rock garden is built of industrial and home waste. Books N Brew would be an ideal place for a bibliophile like me. I would love to visit someday!

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